PLC Panel manufacturer

PLC Panel Manufacturer

We bring to our clients a wide range of drive panels that can be availed at industry leading prices and also in customized specifications. These drive panels are used to monitor machines and provides on – site operating control of machines. Designed as per set industry standards, our range is offered at industry leading prices. A Drive Panel is used to save the power in the industries where there is huge power requirement like Sugar mills, Steel plants, Refineries, thermal power plants, etc. The Drives are available in AC as well as DC options. These drives are PLC based and saves electricity up to 30%, which in such large plants matters a lot. Drive panels are also manufactured for small machineries also such as agricultural machines and synchronous machines.
Best PLC Panel Manufacturer
Industries require a lot of power to run. And we bring the best solution to save power- being the best PLC Panels Manufacturer. A company with wide experience and a great range of drive panels including the ones that can be availed at industry leading prices and in customized specifications. The quality and services that we provide are at our end unmatched and hence we claim RPLEX to be the top manufacturer. The quality is standardised and we work relentlessly to deliver the optimum always. The goodwill established by us is a result of all our team’s effort and experience which makes us more reliable.
The best of our knowledge, expertise and experience of our staff and promoter, has motivated us to be a provider of good service at each step. With immense experience, we are only able to gather that there is no shortcut and hence the only way is to keep providing the required quality to the product, which ultimately keeps maintaining our customer base.

RPLEX PLC Panels Manufacturer for Big Industries

Big industries such as sugar mills, steel plants, refineries and thermal power plants work require more saving too for its operation, which utilizes drives that are available in AC and DC options both.PLC Drives are known to be saving at least 30% of the electricity and this is huge when it comes to industries this big.
We also manufacture Drive Panels for smaller machineries including agricultural machines and synchronous machines. Hence, the diversity that we have covered for our product is a good reason for us to be worthy of the recognition that we have received till now. Our maximum effort lies in ensuring that the right quality is provided from the beginning till the end, the manufacturing process is correctly followed and the maintenance or upgrade required is achieved timely.


  • Type : PLC Control Panel
  • Application : Power Transmission
  • Rated frequency : 50 Hz
Saving electricity becomes important in all kind of industries given the load of heavy machinery and long functioning. Electricity is a cost that cannot be reduced while running a large plant and here is where the role of these panels becomes so important. Choosing RPLEX for PLC Panel manufacturing is thus a good to get the quality product along with commitment to delivery and so much more. Contact us now!
PLC Panel manufacturer